Anuário da Indústria de Implementos Rodoviários 2022

78 NEGÓCIOS | BUSINESS | NEGÓCIOS Technology has converged life onto screens, streamlining processes and security. Cargo transport has number of digital tools at its disposal, developed to facilitate service, from platforms for fleet management to those focused on administrative and financial tasks. Transport illustrates how information technology has simplified processes and ensured efficiency. Transport companies used to spend hours on the phone intermediating with an agency, but now it takes a few taps on an app to find the best driver and vehicle. Likewise, drivers use phones to find their next delivery. At the heart of this digital world, startups are the protagonists. Experts in teaching algorithms, technology companies uncover a world of opportunities for new business models for traditional organizations. Randon has established its own unit to discover how technology companies can help in several areas of its operations. Created in February 2020, Randon Venture has invested close to R$ 18 million in seven startups that contribute to the efficiency of transportation and, in return, streamline the company’s business. “The goal is to help the transportation ecosystem with innovations while diversifying our operations and expanding customer reach. We have boosted research projects involving new technologies available in the market,” says Mateus de Abreu, manager of technology and strategies at Randon, and leader of Randon Ventures. Abreu says that by looking for external partners in the field of innovation, Randon keeps its Research and Development structure focused on its primary business - that is, the physical product, such as road implements, wagons, and auto parts. “Independently, it would certainly take a lot longer to market a solution that is already accelerated by startups.’’ Randon Venture looks at companies in a range of technologies - fintechs (financial services), insurtechs, (insurance), autotechs (automotive technology and electric mobility), logtechs (logistics), and Industry 4.0 are the focus. The range takes in solutions that are apparently not directly linked to the business. Among the startups, Motorista PX connects transport companies and truck drivers with commission and freight paid on the platform. In another case, TruckHelp helps drivers find workshops, dealerships, and auto parts centers, as well as Randon’s product and service distribution network, which is now available at a touch to over 700,000 truckers and fleet owners. “Each investment takes into account a different market and strategy, but always with the aim of delivering innovation, and taking opportunities in the chain that serves Randon,” says Abreu. A recent investment by Randon Ventures and 4all Ventures was made in fintech R4 Digital, which acts as a financial services hub for the logistics sector. Through the platform, transport companies, shippers and fleet owners have access to an extensive range of products and solutions. With Banco Randon as a financial institution behind it, the platform offers digital accounts, financing, invoicing, payments, collections, and other resources such as a conventional banking, but in a virtual environment. “The goal is to add more products and services in the coming months with Banco Randon as the agent to ensure quality and safety in the execution of offers,” says Abreu. Although he does not go into details, Abreu says the results after the investment in seven startups are beginning to appear, with increased demand for services. “In addition to helping customers, digital solutions provide synergies for Randon’s business.” Digital world of opportunities Platforms are a major part of business management, and partnerships with startups extend the possibilities of new business